Finding Harry

Finding Harry – A Tale from the Northern Suburbs is the debut novel by George Eraclides. Available now in Print or as an eBook (see list of bookshops below).

Finding Harry, set in Melbourne’s Northern Suburbs in 1989, chronicles the adventures of security guard and would-be private investigator Epi (Epictetus Angelakakis). Armed only with a diploma in private investigation from a Queensland correspondence course, and his beloved VC Valiant, can Epi solve the mystery?


A petty drug dealer disappears, presumed killed. His Cousin Epi, is determined to find out what happened to Harry. Is Harry really dead?

Can a new private detective in the late 1980’s, operating in the northern suburbs of Melbourne, find his missing drug dealing cousin? Can he just stop thinking about the case and start looking? Will he find true love with a female cop? Will his ex-wife’s lawyers leave him alone? Is a diploma from a correspondence course in Queensland, a good enough qualification to work as a private investigator?

Would you hire him (he’s cheap)?

If the Stoic philosophers are right, and there’s not much you can do about what happens in life, why will he not just let things be?

Because he is confident he can make a difference. Because he lives inside a fantasy. Because he has to try. Because providence can sometimes be leaned-on to make things turn out a little better. Because he is lucky.

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