About George

george-eraclidesGeorge Eraclides is an Australian writer, philosopher, and chess player and among many other things, has lived in Coburg, Northcote, Preston, Collingwood and Kinglake. He writes fiction, non-fiction, and poetry, and his crime novel is available now.

He is fond of crime fiction because of its potential to reveal much of what is noble, tragic, pathetic and uproariously funny about the human condition.

George is the authorised biographer of Mr Epictetus Angelakakis, the private investigator and security consultant, who has operated in the northern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia, since the late 1980s. Involved in some of the most famous, and not so famous, cases involving the good people of the north, Mr Angelakakis has been extensively interviewed and his exploits fictionalised to protect the innocent and the ratbags he has had to deal with. The biographer has also captured the underlying philosophical foundations, indeed the very ‘grounding’ (as Heidegger would say), of Mr Angelakakis’s investigative practice. In other words, the bullshit that gets Epi going.
Anyone who aspires to becoming a criminal investigator, or is interested in the workings of the master-detective’s mind, will find much to ponder in this work. Or not. Finding Harry, A Tale from the Northern Suburbs is available now, to find out more follow this link!

George is fond of crime writing and science fiction. Ever since George saw Humphrey Bogart in ‘The Maltese Falcon’ when he was 8 months old (yes, George was a child prodigy) he has loved ‘hard-boiled’ movies and books from, or inspired by, the 1940s and 50s, featuring moody, cynical private eyes, taking on the world. He likes to pay tribute to these and other products of mid 20th century pop culture through his writing. He is still coming to terms with movies shot in color.

Among a number of different qualifications, George has an MA in Philosophy, which predisposes him to thinking. This is a terrible affliction not to be wished on any one including your worst enemy. Some of his thinking finds its way into his writing where ideas are explored in a fun way – ‘You don’t have to write turgid, dense prose or set your stories in the Russian tundra, in order to say something meaningful, although if that is your fancy, don’t let this crime writer stop you…’


Book reviews (2) published in CCLA Quarterly – magazine of the Correspondence Chess League of Australia. Late 1980s. (Okay, it’s not the New Yorker, but it was read by very highly intelligent people across Australia, who appreciated what I had to say).

Mountain Monthly: regular monthly column of articles since 2006, entitled ‘Surfin’, in the Mountain Monthly (Kinglake’s premier journal of news and opinion). Various ruminations on topics as varied as education, to the meaning of life. Also some Poetry.

Student Magazine at Box Hill Institute (2003) – on being Green. (It was very funny and I wish I still had a copy).

Inkshed article on Ray Curling (2003). Part of a longer work on the life of Ray Curling DFC, Australian in Bomber Command WW2 (manuscript lost in Kinglake fires 2009).

2 Poems in Woorilla Magazine (details lost in Kinglake fires 2009).

1 Poem in Philosophy Now Magazine: ‘I once saw magic in the veins of things’ Existentialism issue. This is the leading popular magazine on philosophy, published in England and distributed in Australia as well. The poem was a Villanelle on the substantial theme of ‘loss of meaning’.

Victorian Writer magazine February 2010: ‘Back story’. On writing and the Black Saturday fires.

 ‘Pawn’s Progress’ Blog: http://pawnsprogress.blogspot.com/

The finest Blog of its kind on the Internet (it’s the only one), and a place to put up some of my chess writings.

Reports – several research and writing projects culminating in published reports. Two significant reports are:

The Internationalisation Of TAFE (December 2000); and

Teachers’ needs in supporting students with a disability (May 2000).

The latter research report because it won the inaugural national Australian Vocational Education and Training Research Association (AVETRA) Award for research in TAFE in 2001. I was also asked to deliver a paper on the key findings at the AVETRA conference in Adelaide in 2001. Many of the findings of the report have led to tangible changes in services involving students with a disability. It was also well written.

Other Published eBook Novelette

‘A Close Encounter With the Gastros’ an early Science Fiction satire published on Kindle. Get it on Amazon here

Plus! Numerous published letters to the Newspapers (Age and Australian) and their accompanying magazines, illustrating my humour and uncanny perspicacity on issues trivial to apocalyptic. I even received hate-mail, from Tasmania no less.